Draft Bernie

    Dear Bernie,

    We need you.

    Income inequality is crushing us and you’re the only one who dares talk about it.

    Corporations pay nearly no taxes but run our government, and you’re brave enough to rail against them.

    Social Security, Medicare, Veterans benefits – all once sacred cows – are under constant attack. You’re the only one who seems to care.

    We know we can trust you to talk about middle-class wages, Medicare for all, climate change, and corporate tax fairness.

    We know you believe in tax equity for wealthy Americans.

    You are a unique leader in America having served in Washington for nearly 25 years without a single corporate donation.

    We know we can trust you and we need you as part of the debate as America figures out how to grapple with unprecedented challenges. Please Senator Sanders, run for President in 2016. You can count on our strong support.


    Voters Across America